Helpdesk/Support Technician

Job description

Start: ASAP

Place: Germany

Position: Full time


We are looking for an individual who likes to help people. As a support technician, you will assist a number of your colleagues throughout a typical day, helping solve the vast and varied array of issues the average user finds themselves facing. Assisting colleagues to get that important email out to meet a tight deadline, or finding the accidentally deleted document, you have a passion for solving problems.

You will have experience of the typical Microsoft products you would find in a productive office environment. You will need experience of ticketing systems in general, and why they are an essential tool in supporting users. You will have an affinity for different technologies and protocols, from email servers to VPNs, and will be good at explaining technical solutions to often non-technical users.

It is traditional to state that you should be a good team player, but also capable of working on your initiative in most job descriptions, but in the case of this job, it is an absolute must. You may be required on occasion to learn new technologies or concepts to fix problems; good documentation skills are a must.

The same professionalism and dedication you bring to supporting internal users may be called upon to speak to some of our external customers too.



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