IT Administrator

Job description

Start: ASAP

Place: Germany

Position: Full time


A growing team needs an IT administrator with a passion for helping to build and develop their internal IT department so that we can continue to create great technology.

You must know the difference between authentication and authorisation, and how to implement those ideas within roles, responsibilities and groups. You will have an understanding of Active Directory (AD) and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP).

This position will require you to be Operating System agnostic; your users will be using a mix of Linux, Windows, and Mac systems.

You will have some experience of Mobile Device Management (MDM), and as you will support some users that have iPhones, Apple Business experience may also be of particular use.

Supporting Internet Telephony will be part of your duties; several VoIP like handsets require support.

Networking experience is a must. You will be able to handle switch and router configuration and will be required to deploy, configure, maintain, and manage our WiFi infrastructure. You will, of course, have experience of IPv4, but must also have a working knowledge of IPv6.

You will have experience of firewall technologies and will be able to effectively deliver secure network services, such as VPN gateways, etc.



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