DevOps Engineer

Job description

Start: ASAP

Place: Germany

Position: Full time


A geek’s geek is required to support developers and their infrastructure. As a member of “DevOps”, you will assist developers with their needs for deploying, updating, and maintaining several different projects.

As with most DevOps roles, we need you to have a good understanding of virtualisation and containerisation, and why the two are different. Hands-on experience of Continuous Integration/Deployment (CI/CD) workflows and their pipelines is a must. Jenkins, Docker, AWS, and Azure, are all terms that you use every day, and you know what they mean :)

Software control and revision is an area which you have a natural affinity for and can help and assist your colleagues with practical advice and support.

You may not be writing code; however, understanding it is crucial; you don’t need to be an author to understand a book. That is not to say that writing skills are not required; in fact, good documentation skills to record and report the awesome fixes you found are more than welcome.



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